7 best Christopher Nolan movies

This week we’re exploring the movies of Christopher Nolan.

English film director, screenwriter and producer Christopher Edward Nolan was born in July 1970 in Westminster, London.


Night 1: Memento

Describing the jump from making his first film to his second, Nolan said in 2012: “[The] difference between shooting Following with a group of friends wearing our own clothes and my mum making sandwiches to spending $4 million of somebody else’s money on Memento and having a crew of a hundred people is, to this day, by far the biggest leap I’ve ever made.”

The jump certainly paid off, with Memento receiving Academy Award and Golden Globe Award nominations for its screenplay.

Running time: 113 minutes.


Night 2: Batman Begins


Night 3: The Prestige


Night 4: The Dark Knight


Night 5: Inception


Night 6: Interstellar


Night 7: Dunkirk


Which movie is your favourite?